Equipment & Trailers

At Western Home Transport, we take advantage of access to our full fleet of trailers and equipment in order to offer transport services for just about any job. We work to find right trailer or equipment for the job in order to offer the most efficient transport possible. Safety and security are also top of mind when preparing your shipment.

Flat Bed Trailers

Our fleet of flatbed trailers will haul your largest loads. Safety is a top priority in preparing your shipment to move. We spend the extra time to make sure your load is secured and safe for travel. Flat Bed loads may be covered or open depending on your needs.

Stretch Lowboy Haulers

Stretch trailers are flatbed, or drop deck trailers that have the added functionality to be extended in order to accommodate very long material. These have the capability to be extended up to 81’ long, in lieu of a fixed trailer which is only 53’ long. Extendable trailers, also called stretch and telescopic trailers, are built from steel and are capable of hauling loads up to 20′ wide to 76′ long.

Extendable trailers are very versatile; in they can haul many different shapes of freight